Dr. Mostafa Mobasher

Assistant Professor
Civil and Urban Engineering
New York University Abu Dhabi


CSM Lab News

Dr. Ishaquddin Joins CSM

Dr. Mohammed Ishaquddin joins the CSM Lab as a Postdoctoral Associate. Dr. Isahq's research will focus on the development of improved numerical techniques for the modeling of fracture in porous media. Welcome Dr. Ishaq!


Research @ CSM

Previous and Ongoing Research Projects

The CSM research is focused on advancing the mechanics theory and numerical algorithms to better predict the time-dependent, nonlinear, multiscale and fracture behavior of manmade and natural materials; including: concrete, steel, polymers, ice, rock and biomaterials. This is achieved through the development of constitutive material modeling and numerical algorithms/methods suited to represent different types of materials and phenomena. More information about current research thrusts is available on the Research Section.


Non-local Damage and Transport in Porous Media