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Non-local Damage and Transport in Porous Media


The CSM research is focused on advancing the mechanics theory and numerical algorithms to better predict the time-dependent, nonlinear, multiscale, and fracture behavior of manmade and natural materials; including concrete, steel, polymers, ice, rock, and biomaterials. This is achieved through the development of constitutive material modeling and numerical algorithms/methods suited to represent different types of materials and phenomena.


Current research thrusts:

  • Computationally efficient non-local modeling of damage in porous media

  • Continuum to discrete fracture transition for ductile and brittle materials

  • Coupled solution algorithms for computationally efficient multiphysics modeling

  • Stabilized numerical algorithms for ill-conditioned multiphysics problems

  • Image-based characterization of fracture mechanisms in brittle and porous materials

For more information, please contact Dr. Mostafa Mobasher at Prospective students and PostDocs are encouraged to check out the Recruitment Section.

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